merriMerri Carlson, Christian Education Director, Certified in Christian Education by the NH UCC
Merri’s passion for Christian education began when a fellow parishioner asked her to teach in the church school. She was surprised that they chose her. “That was the moment when God started to plant the seed,” she says. “I realized having the responsibility to teach also gave me the opportunity to learn, strengthen, and deepen my own relationship with God.”

In a world, whose moral compass is amiss at times, she hopes that in the small amount of time that our church family has together each week, we give the children and youth time to explore their faith, to see how it works in their own lives, so that when they are faced with decisions, or problems, that they will have an unshakeable faith in God. Her personal goal is to provide a place for the children and youth to have fun, while learning about God, what he is calling each of them to be, how he wants us to live our lives, and to love each other as he loves us.

nicoleNicole Garneau, Crib Room Attendant
Nicole is our volunteer attendant in our Noah’s Nursery. She has been in the childcare/teacher field for over 20 years and also works in Salem as a preschool teacher. She is certified in CPR and first aid. Nicole enjoys reading and participating in the community life of FCC. You will find Nicole in our Noah’s Nursery every Sunday, along with another volunteer from the congregation.