Coordinators: Kathleen Ackroyd and Cindy McMullen

The congregation at FCC believes that God has shaped each one of us to make a positive difference in the world. As a small church, every member’s participation is crucial to its success.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
(Matthew 7:12)

Our Reaching Out Ministry organizes our efforts to assist those in need in our local community and worldwide. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to help raise money for various causes. Some of our ongoing projects are:


You will be seeing this book on the table during fellowship hour after church. We will begin again collecting change for the Christmas Jar. Don’t know what we are talking about? Read the Christmas Jar book and find out. This book is a quick read and is part of our church library. Feel free to borrow the book. God has called us to make a difference in the lives of others.

        One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is the relief, refugee and development fund of the United Church of Christ. It is one of the Special Mission Offerings received by the United Church of Christ and is a part of Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM). OGHS, as part of OCWM, carries God’s message of love and hope to people in more than eighty countries. The UCC works with international partners to provide sources of clean water and food, education and health care, small business micro-credit, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement for refugees and displaced persons. OGHS also supports domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response.


Neighbors in Need (NIN) is a special mission offering of the UCC that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States. One-third of NIN funds support the Council for American Indian Ministry(CAIM). Two-thirds of the offering is used by the UCC’s Justice and Witness Ministries (JWM) to support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects. Most UCC congregations receive the NIN offering in October as part of their World Communion Sunday observance. NIN contributions can be made on-line at any time here.


We will be preparing and serving the guests of the SonShine Soup Kitchen on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 from 300pm – 600pm. Will you be a volunteer to help be the hands and feet of God in serving these guests? If yes, please email Merri Carlson at

Thank you Laura and Bridget for “Living out your Love” and being the hands and feet of God in serving the guests at the SonShine Soup Kitchen in January.

Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14



If you would like more information about these or other projects, please contact the church office.

The United Church of Christ

Rockingham Association Spring Meeting

Quorum met.
Financials: Dues $12.50 per member. Members count based on data uploaded to Data Hub by churches. $12 goes out to the NHCUCC Conference and 0.50 stays in the Rockingham Association. 
Rockingham Association Scholarship Policy.   Money comes in from Spring and Fall Association Meetings, Installations and Ordinations.   Money goes out to scholarship funds for 25% CE for ministers. 50% members in discernment.  25% adults and children who want to go to Horton Center. 
Budget approved without change. Small deficit, but also some expenses that are seldom utilized were kept in after discussion. Currently 8 members in discernment. 
One time move of $1500 from checking to scholarship fund to offset the loss of scholarship fund income from not having offerings during in-person meetings during covid approved.  
Motion approved to institute a requirement for Racial Justice Training for all Authorized Ministers every 3 years, beginning in 2023. 
Slate of officers accepted. Concern of the appearance of heavy representation from Exeter noted, but not enough from other churches to fully offset, so we welcome the Exeter officers with open arms.  One addition: Jan B. approved.
Rev. Richard Slater gave his report from the Conference.  He is stepping down at the end of the year after 50ish years in ministry.
Bylaw amendments tabled until fall.  Adjourned at 4pm.