The service at FCC is designed for all ages to worship together. Regular services are held through the school year every Sunday morning at 10:00. Refreshments are provided after the service at a well-attended fellowship hour.

Our services are usually about an hour in length—slightly longer on the first Sunday of each month when we typically celebrate Communion. All are welcome at our Communion table, including children (we serve grape juice instead of wine).

The sermons at FCC are Bible-based, relate to everyday life and are easy to understand.

We believe that music is an integral part of worship, and we have two choirs to help us celebrate—our Adult Choir and Youth Choir.

We welcome all people who believe in God’s work and invite you to join us in worship regardless of where you are on your faith journey.

Worship Updates 

Worship is a reflection of our community. Therefore, the Worship Team would love to know Your Favorite Hymn(s) or any suggestions You may have for Gathering Music. We will happily include these musical offerings, often. All submissions can be made to the email: worshipsubmission@fcc-salem.org.

UPDATE: Sundays through Epiphany (January 9) will be both streamed and in Person

Beloved friends, 

We are remaining in hybrid worship as of right now even though the number has climbed since Thanksgiving. This reality is something we all expected. Please let me assure you as well that the number of positive cases, though currently highest in the country, is also not unexpected. I know that seems hard to believe but Mark shared a good analogy which I would like to tweak a bit. Yes, New Hampshire feels like it went from 0 to 50 miles per hour overnight in the amount of cases and we did; yet, the rest of the country is and has been going at 75 miles per hour for a year and a half. Thankfully, we are still low in comparison with 147 people with positive cases out of nearly 30,000 residents. Furthermore, there are still plenty of hospital beds and icu beds available. And, most people with the most severe of cases are those individuals who have not chosen or been able to vaccinate. This reality, I hope assures you that our particular world is not something to be feared.

That said, an individual came to church last week (fully vaccinated and masked) who lives with a soul who tested positive for covid this week. The person who came to church and all other family members have tested negative, thank God. And thank you God, for holding the one person who did test positive in your loving care as their case seems to be similar to a chest cold. I ask you all to pray for this soul and all people who have Covid, flu, and pneumonia in this time of year when these plagues are more prevalent. 

With this in mind, I expect many of you noticed the worship team wearing masks a little more. It is now and has been our recommendation for people to wear masks. For, we really have no idea if we or anyone is contagious at this time. It is a way to help keep everyone safe and maintain our loving care of everyone. But this recommendation is not just here in church but in the grocery stores and shopping plazas. The numbers are a little high and if this little piece of cloth helps keep us safe then it seems like a good idea until the numbers start to fall again. Again, mask wearing is only a recommendation; but one I pray you will consider when amongst the community and as we worship together.

Update to technology:

A special thank you to all who have come forward to help improve and support our streaming capabilities especially Johnny Stucklen, John & Lois Mlocek.

Hybrid plan still progressing:

Phase 1: basic streaming upkeep and maintenance of faith

  1. Goal: Relief for our streaming team 
    1. Need: approx. three people to run tech and avoid burn-out
    1. Still need one more volunteer for a Hybrid Community
  2. Goal: Fix Copyright issues
    1. Need: Fix copyright issues to avoid being sued for infringement
    2. Progress: Basic coverage for streaming has been fixed
    3. Still need one volunteer to assist Jan in weekly maintenance / reporting for streaming music / worship / credits. 
  3. Goal: fix choir mics, speakers, and soundboard
    1. Progress: New soundboard is looking good and was tested at home by Johnny, Ginny and Emma Stucklen, thank you and I loved to hear your test. It should be installed this week.
    2. Still Need: first non-streaming test to balance volume and sound. Planned for November 14, 2021. Virtually tested November 21.
    3. Progress: one new choir mic will be installed this week. 
    4. Still Need: testing during non-streaming worship to evaluate if the congregation can hear the choir fully. Planned for November 14,2021. Virtually tested November 21.
    5. Progress: one speaker has been brought in by Jan Bordeleau. Thank you, Jan for this loan. 
    6. Still need: proper speakers for the choir to hear and sing with music across streaming. No resolution in the current budget.
    7. Still Need for choir participation in streaming: Proper drop down mics which are expensive. No resolution in the current budget.
  4. Goal: Relief for the Worship Team
    1. Progress: Receiving volunteers for lay readers.
    2. Need other volunteers, especially people watching online, to be part of our worship together as no one has participated virtually since September 12th. The sign up through Christmas is ready and posted in the fellowship hall. 
    3. Progress: help in making the slide show has not happened, yet. 
    4. Need a volunteer or two to build the slide show each week for worship – whether streaming or not.
    5. Progress: in the development of online communication during worship has not happened as of yet.
    6. Need volunteers to watch Facebook and share online prayers during worship. Also need volunteers to help with microphone movement during worship. And last, need a team to develop ways for online communication / interaction with online parishioners during worship. To stream, we need this support.
  5. Goal: Relief and support of our church’s ministries
    1. Progress: in providing fellowship and development of hybrid fellowship has been slow going. Currently there is no one signed up for fellowship this week.
    2. Need participation of people to engage in fellowship beyond a select few. Thank you to those who have shared so faithfully.
    3. Need a team to develop a hybrid fellowship as church is more than just worship and streaming.
  6. Goal: maintain fellowship even though we may be worshipping in different places. Therefore, the web page becomes our online home in the case of regular streaming.
    1. Progress: development of web page is slow moving. Though Johnny has been instrumental in getting us this far, thank you. 
    2. Need people to participate in the development of the webpage for streaming / hybrid worship. Currently our webpage has parts which are five years out of date.
  7. Goal: keep everyone involved in the community, faith, and Mission of Christ.
    1. Need volunteers to assist the ministries of the church. Some of these ministries can be done while no one is here, in a small group, or on Zoom. 

Beloved, these are some of the primary goals we have before full time streaming can be maintained. Yet after the two weeks off of streaming in November, I suspect we will have even more goals to incorporate into our rough plans. Please know that streaming and virtual worship is a gift I do support. However, it is not the only choice nor is it the easiest path for a community. Hybrid worship actually requires even more effort out of each person to maintain while we participate as one beloved community together.

UPDATE: We are and remain fully reopened as a church and currently streaming. We also recognize not all people feel comfortable in public yet. We will re-evaluate in the early part of January.

Exception: December 26 – In person only “Hymn Sing”

May we all continue to lovingly pray and faithfully care for one another as we come back to worship and engage in fellowship as one body of Christ.

Special Services

FCC offers several special services through the year. During the Easter season services include Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunrise Services in addition to our regular Sunday service. On Christmas Eve, there are two additional candlelight services offered—with the earliest geared toward families.

Summer Services

During the summer months, a casual Wednesday evening service is held at 6:30 rather than the traditional Sunday morning time. This innovative service offers busy families who may be away or unavailable on weekends the opportunity to worship during the week. It is also preceded by a fellowship with deserts at 6:00.