Youth Group

All FCC young people in grades 6 – 12 are invited to become part of the church’s youth group, and members are encouraged to bring a friend to all activities. Fun, fellowship, mission and service, retreats and special activities are the components of the youth ministry program. Our goal is for students to not only grow more deeply in their own faith, but also grow more deeply in their collective Christian community. This year, the youth group leaders will be focusing on team building through group dynamics (ice breakers, deinhibitizers, trust activities, teamwork).

The FCC youth wrote the following Q&As about the program:

What is our church’s youth group program?

The FCC youth group is a sanctuary from the rest of the world where you can strengthen your relationships with old friends and make new friends. As a member of the youth group program you will participate in fun activities. It is a safe and friendly environment governed by a covenant that we established ourselves to guide our behavior.

What is our purpose?

To further extend our faith in God, and have fun doing it. We try to get to know each other a little better than we did when we joined. We function as a team; building on each other’s strengths and covering for each others weaknesses.

What are some activities we do?

We help people, we have fun, and then we have fun helping people. We do fun things like visiting Boston, snow tubing, going to the movies. We go on special retreats in the woods! We’ve also gone on cool trips like Spectacle Island and playing dodge ball at different schools. Church cleanups and mission work is fun, too—and for a good cause.

When are the meetings, and what are some things we do at them?

The meetings are usually during fellowship hour the first Sunday of each month. We discuss future events and play fun games like “The Hat Game.”

How does the youth group raise money, and what do we use it for?

We have fundraisers such as spaghetti suppers, babysitting nights, bake sales, wreath sales, raffles, etc. A portion of the money goes towards activities, and the rest goes to whichever charities and groups that we decide to help.

Who benefits from involvement in youth group program?

Everybody does. The youth benefit through learning about each other and God. The church benefits because of our efforts to succeed in improving relationships with others.