Pastor’s Letter, June 5, 2024

Dear Salem FCC Friends in Christ,
This upcoming Sunday we’ll gather for what we call All Church Family Sunday Worship. But, I wonder: what do we mean when we call ourselves a family?

After all there are many kinds of families. Just consider the adjectives we use to describe families. Like blended families, single-parent families, all-American families, queer families, and more…

There are also many different qualities to families. Families range from close and loving to distant and abusive. (which is why I’ve always found the term, family values used by some Christians, especially fundamentalist Christians and certain politicians, to be confusing, misleading, and even manipulative).

So… what kind of family are we?

My response is that we are a communion family, one filled with inclusive love and extraordinary hospitality for all persons. Everyone is welcome at our “tables” of worship, learning, serving, and Communion. But, what’s your response?

More importantly, whatever kind of family we call ourselves as we gather on this particular Sunday, what kind of family will we be going forward, day-in and day-out?

Blessings of Late Spring and Early Pentecost,
Pastor Ed

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