Pastor’s Letter, June 19, 2024

Dear Salem FCC Friends in Christ,

These hot, humid, late Spring days remind us of what’s coming: the “ lazy, hazy days of Summer.”   It’s a time when we in New England “slow down.”     

Even in the church we “slow down.”  Here, it includes moving worship to midweek and “having our weekends.”  On Wednesday evenings, we’ll have a lighter, more informal, “40 minute worship hour” with some relevant “give and take.”   And, who knows what else?   

Summer’s slowing down is all to the good in my “book.”  How about yours?

One thing to note, however, is that what doesn’t slow-down is human need.   So, as your interim pastor, I want to remind you: I’m not going anywhere this Summer.  I’ll be around, and if you have – or someone you know has – a pastoral need  let me know via phone, text, or email – anytime.  Or, if you just want to have a conversation about “any matter under heaven,” let’s find a time!  

Blessings of God’s Spirited Holiness Amidst All Seasons, 

Pastor Ed (603-620-4498 or

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