Pastor’s Letter, June 26, 2024

Dear Salem FCC Friends in Christ,

This upcoming Sunday will be our last Sunday of worship before we begin summer worship on Wednesday evening, July 10th.  It’s also our last Sunday of worship before the 4th of July holiday when we remember and celebrate our nation’s birth.  It’s a time for reflecting on what I call our “dual citizenship.”   I hope you can join us in person or “tune in” online.   

As we prepare for Wednesday Evening worship, I want you to know we’ll be following a theme this summer.  It’s based on one of Jesus’ first questions to his followers, “What are you thinking in your hearts?”  (Luke 5:22)

Jesus’ question comes with two twists.  According to Luke, Jesus knew what they were thinking even before he asked his question!  This begs the question:  “If he knew, why did he even ask?”

The answer may lie in a second twist.  Some translators have Luke writing, “What are you thinking?” They imply that Jesus was asking a pointed question, you know: WHAT are YOU THINKING in YOUR HEARTS?   

These two twists make for interesting reflection, and they’ll add a layer to our thinking as we consider questions of faith and favorite hymns that some of you gave to me earlier in the year when I asked about these.  And, if you didn’t offer a question or hymn, but now have one you’d like us to consider, let me know.  As I wrote last week in inviting you to have a conversation with me this summer, every matter under heaven is fair game!

Blessings of a Relaxing Summer and Restful Worship!  

Pastor Ed 

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